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Tax Consulting

Envision Tomorrow Today! Tax consultation goes beyond mere tax preparation.

Financial Management

More than Bookkeeping! Acquire insights to steer your business

Support for Start-ups

Empowering Initial Steps! Together, we‘ll craft the ideal foundation for your ambitions.

Your Committed Tax Advisors

Meet Julia and Arne. With over a decade of practical tax expertise each, we‘ll navigate the complexities for you. Tailored solutions for your tax matters are our hallmark.
Our approach is knowledgeable and accessible, transcending language barriers. We‘re proud to provide services in English.

Your Tax Guide
Julia Gatzsch

A love for languages led me to a serendipitous path in tax consulting. My ardor for this profession stems from its dynamic nature and ever-evolving tax regulations. Together, we‘ll explore a multitude of engaging topics.

Your Tax Ally
Arne Grundmann


Life often takes unexpected turns. I never imagined becoming a tax advisor until my mid-20s. Redirected from an incomplete teaching career, I found my calling here. It‘s been the most rewarding journey, full of passion and purpose.

We’re by your side

Embrace our direct, one-on-one guidance – two seasoned tax advisors ready to share insights up close and personal.

Clear insights

We speak your language and simplify intricate tax matters for your comprehension.

A digital approach

Embrace modernity with our digital document submission, virtual meetings, and convenient electronic signatures. Seamlessly navigate the contemporary landscape!

Tax Consulting

Good advice is always focused on the future. Exceptional guidance always looks ahead. We‘re here to help you actualize your aspirations. Naturally, we assist in resolving immediate challenges and handling your tax returns. Our expertise covers a range of domains, including:

  • Cryptocurrencies in Personal and Business Holdings
  • Employee Participation (ESOP, VSOP
  • Real Estate Ventures
  • Liquidation Procedures
  • Start-up Ventures

Financial Management

Effective business decisions stem from a deep understanding of your company‘s status. Financial management is the bedrock of this knowledge and should align with your requirements. Our approach involves understanding your enterprise and presenting pertinent data in a lucid manner. This encompasses several facets, such as:

  • Comprehensive Financial and Payroll Accounting
  • Strategic Cost Management / Business Consultation
  • Annual Financial Statements and Profit/Loss Statements

Support for Start-ups

A deliberate beginning underpins a triumphant venture. Allow us to infuse our experience into your launch, ensuring an optimal solution for your business model and personal objectives. We cover various aspects of the start-up process, including:

  • Selecting the Appropriate Legal Structure
  • Designing the Company Framework
  • Validating Business Plans and Capital Needs Facilitating Tax Registration
  • Initiating the Opening Balance Sheet
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